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Books currently in production:

History of Ellsworth, Maine (1927)
Giant Book of Classic Cat Stories [new book/old stories]

Listing of other works in production:

Before Amazing [new book/old stories]
Damned Yankees [new book/old stories]
Lumberjacks [new book/old stories]
Giant Book of Classic Bird Stories [new book/old stories]
Hopalong Cassidy [new book/old stories; possibly 2 books]
Wicked Good Dictionary [original humor book]
Young Mainers [new book/old stories]

Reprints with original year of publication in parenthesis:
     Four Years with Morgan and Forrest (1914)
     History of Swan's Island, Maine (1898)
     The New Hampshire Book (1842)
     The History of Portland, Maine (1865)

The Surname Volume Series: these are forthcoming, I promise.
     ALLEN Volume I
     ADAMS Volume IV
     BRADFORD Volume II
     BROWN Volume II
     HATCH Volume III & IV
     ROGERS Volume I
     THOMPSON Volume I
     WHITCOMB Volume V 

and many more.