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Sam Teddy Publishing

Welcome to Sam Teddy Publishing

We offer high quality paper bound books suitable for any bookshelf. While we predominately publish works of historical or genealogical significance, other genres of writing are also in production.

Whether you have a desire to browse our line of books, or are interested in our Authors' services, please enjoy your visit to Sam Teddy Publishing.

To learn more about Jeffrey A. Linscott, please visit our ABOUT US page.

Special note regarding Amazon.com searches: All of Sam Teddy Publishing books are now listed on Amazon.com. However, as a good number of STP's titles are historical book reprints, a search on Amazon.com of the title of a book will provide numerous occurrences of that title, not necessarily STP's copy. To ensure that you are getting STP's copy of any title, it is better to search for any title by the ISBN. To that effect, all of the books listed on this web site now include the ISBN at the end of the book description.


25 Classic Westerns (by Linscott & Waugh)
Before Black Mask (by Matthews & Waugh)
The Emerging New Woman (by Nichols & Waugh)
Giant Book of Classic Romance Stories (by Gray & Waugh)
Waterville, Maine, 1890 Census (Taconnett Falls Chapter Genealogical Society)
Early Princeton Maine (by Bruce W. Belmore)
Giant Book of Classic Dog Stories (by Lewis & Waugh)
Robinson Crusoe, Jr.
I Was Detailed to the Regimental Band, Vol. 2, New Hampshire & Vermont
Psychology: A Literary Introduction


Sam Teddy Publishing welcomes you to the following 2015 events. I will be having a vendor's table at the following genealogy conferences/fairs/reunions this year (all of STP's books will be 25% off at each event [does not apply to family histories]):

May 30, 2015 - STP will have vendor tables set up at the 2nd Southern Maine Genealogy Conference, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Keeley's Banquest Center, 178 Warren Ave., Portland, ME. Keynote Speaker: Margaret Dube, CGsm. For more information please contact (207) 899-9640 or visit www.gpcmgs.org.

July 11, 2015 - Maine State Genealogical Society's Genealogy Fair, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Cultural Center building in Augusta (State Library, State Archives, State Museum), in the Atrium. Free admission including free admission to the State Museum.

August 9, 2015 - always the second Sunday in August, this years' Annual Linscott Family Picnic will be held at 208 Lakeview Dr., South China, ME. All Linscotts and Linscott descendants are invited. Bar-b-que available, as well as some chips, soft drinks and lemonade, but if you come too late, you may want to bring your own lunch. All of Sam Teddy Publishing books will be on display, as well as my Linscott Family History (over 1,900 pages), and the Linscott Family Photo Archive (over 1,300 Linscott related photos).

August xx, 2015 - Upton Family Fun Day, Upton, Maine [WORKING ON IT].

August xx, 2015 - The Annual Whitcomb family reunion [WORKING ON CORRECT DATE AND LOCATION].

September xx, 2015 - The MGS (Maine Genealogical Society) Fall Conference, will once again be held at Jeff's Catering and Event Center, 15 Littlefield Way, Brewer, Maine. Visit http://conference.maineroots.org/ to learn more.